May 4, 2020 | Category: Marketing

Covid-19 Marketing Tips

Marketing during Covid-19

We know everything is different these days. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the Suasion team has been busy assisting our clients with campaign strategy redesigns to adapt to a changing and challenging marketplace. Marketing and PR campaigns have been overhauled, enabling our clients to better connect with their customers through digital technology, and highlight the ways that they are safely serving their customers through contactless product and service delivery.

To that end, we have compiled a step-by-step guide that will keep your organization top-of-mind as we progress through this unprecedented business challenge.

Step 1:  While the pandemic has affected each and every one of us, its impact can vary greatly. Some may be fairing relatively fine, while others have been devastated. Carefully review how the pandemic has impacted all of your stakeholders. Call them and have a conversation about how they are doing and see what you can do you to help them. These conversations will provide valuable insights as to where the gaps and opportunities are so that you may pivot your services to better serve them.

Step 2:  Assess your current messaging. Determine what needs to be eliminated or changed. Also take a look at what may be in your promotional pipeline – including print ads, digital campaigns, billboards, social media, e-mail marketing or direct mail. Pay special attention to any pre-scheduled content.

Step 3:  Determine what to pause immediately. If you have not already done this, push timelines back on major campaigns that will likely be eclipsed, or pause the campaign entirely if the content is inappropriate. Do not scrap these campaign plans altogether, however, as some elements that are not quite right at this time may be fine once the outbreak subsides.

Step 4:  Develop a current and post-COVID-19 Marketing and Public Relations Campaign. Create a new or adjusted plan for communicating your assets to your audiences. The message may not be the only part to change. The methods by which you communicate may also need to be modified. Social distancing and working from home will be the new normal for some time to come; so, look for new/alternative ways to reach your audiences – who are now largely in front of a computer, smartphone or TV, and not behind the wheel of a car or at an office desk.

Step 5:  Digital, TV and Social ads are getting the most attention. Convert print ads to digital and use strategic targeted marketing campaigns and Google AdWords to place your message where your audiences are spending a lot of time these days – online and watching TV.

Step 6: Interact ‘face to face’ with your customers on Zoom. Zoom and similar platforms provide online meeting room platforms and allow you to meet customers – via a computer, tablet or smartphone. With two-way audio and visuals, businesses are conducting meetings, consultations, product presentations and tours.

Step 7: Send creative and informative e-mail messages. Utilize an email marketing tool to ramp up an email marketing campaign. The online audience is more captive then ever and customers will respond to carefully crafted messaging.

Step 8: Let your fingers do the walking and call to check in with your customers. Nothing is more proactive or well-received than the personalized touch of a phone call. Ask your clients how they are, and let them know the status of your business – what you’re doing to keep your business and staff safe – and that when the dust settles, you’ll be ready to welcome them back.

Step 9: Go direct with direct mail. Send out a direct mail piece to customers. Receiving mail (other than a bill) for many these days is a welcomed distraction; add your message to the mix by way of a colorful postcard, special offer or other creative communication.

Step 10: Call on us at 609-653-0400 x103. The entire Suasion Team stands ready to serve you (safely and remotely) with robust Public Relations, Digital, and Social Media strategies that are customized for your business or organization. As always, we would love to hear from you!