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Successfully Marketing Your Town 

Suasion Communications Group has applied its expertise to successfully marketing municipal clients – and we can do the same for you.

Discovering Your Town’s Brand

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Branding and promotion are not just for big corporations anymore. An emerging trend shows that more towns and cities are reaping the benefits of implementing robust branding, marketing, and public relations campaigns. Whether the town’s population is 5,000 or 500,000, promoting its unique assets will act as a catalyst spurring tourism, investments, new businesses, job growth, and overall economic development. There are many misconceptions about branding and logos, and what purpose they serve. Stated simply, a brand is a promise. Knowing what is distinctive about your town and what it has to offer marks the first step in successfully branding it. Suasion will assist you in carefully peeling back the layers to get to the core of what your town is all about – and create a logo design that is reflective of your town’s assets.


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Is your town’s website aesthetically an pleasing and information-rich showcase for your town? Is it easily found in search engines and mobile-friendly? Do you offer a mobile app, blog, video/photo gallery, and/or a calendar of events? The website serves as your window to the world and should integrate the brand and highlight all of your town’s unique assets.

Social Media

There are over one billion people on Facebook – it’s a messaging medium not to be ignored by anyone, especially a town or destination.

Public Relations

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Don’t underestimate the power of PR. A well-strategized public relations campaign remains paramount in communicating key brand messages. Ongoing press releases, tours, and promotions will continue to keep your town top of mind in the media and public eye.

Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

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With clearly defined objectives, targets, and tactical plans, ongoing digital and traditional marketing campaign will sustain messaging.




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